‘Spicey’ – a very short story

We have men and we have heroes, then there is this other one. His name is Spicey. Spicey was a witch-a very bad one. He was a very short man, just like his short story here. He also enjoyed a very short existence because he died; sooner than expected. Not of cancer but by reasons … Continue reading ‘Spicey’ – a very short story

My Easter wishes go to this fallen man; Mr. Cockey Gallinaceous

I have always wanted to get over my fears. Some I have, some I am still dealing with. There are particular fears that I am too embarrassed to disclose; not even to the closest of friends. For instance, it has not been made easy for a man to come clean and declare his fear for … Continue reading My Easter wishes go to this fallen man; Mr. Cockey Gallinaceous

My nocturnal delirium

I am disturbed and seated at the edge of the bed. I hate these dreams. I am tired and can feel the weakness in my knees. I am hot, sweaty and panting like a mongrel in a hot afternoon. They are here today. They are all here. I hate them too. They have not spared … Continue reading My nocturnal delirium


I hope you are a patriot. Does it ever get to a point where you realize how much damage your country has suffered due to bad leadership? Do you then experience this kind of rage and deep pain whose source you cannot explain but then a slight hint of guilt surpasses the pain? You feel … Continue reading #Think

When mother calls

It has been three months since you got to the city and life has been amazing; apart from how people look at you every morning at work. They always look disturbed; you do not know by what. When your memory serves you right, life in the village was not all this interesting; things are way … Continue reading When mother calls

To what future do you belong?

It’s the 21st century and I must say, we are young and we are one lot of lucky bastards (and so they tell us) huh! Unlike our ancestors, we live in a technological era which obviously came right after the great industrial revolution (not sure if we had that here) thanks to exploitation of the … Continue reading To what future do you belong?

Oh hail H.I.M the tribal king!

The tribal ‘king’ is here, fanatics and sycophants are drunk will illicit brew and celebration. Anticipation, euphoria and political tension fills the air, tribal sentiments are being chanted in uniform rhythm as if by a professional choir in a well orchestrated fashion. I can’t help but question my ability to catch up with my tribe’s … Continue reading Oh hail H.I.M the tribal king!

Face your fears and fight for your dreams!

Man is the master of thought, moulder of character, the maker and shaper of condition, environment and destiny. Most men fail, not due to lack of education or agreeable personal qualities, but by lack of dogged determination and lack of dauntless will. Situations, even bad situations such as bankruptcy, divorce, death and economic recession cannot … Continue reading Face your fears and fight for your dreams!

Do this every new year and change your life in an instant

New years are those moments we all share. This is when we welcome another fresh start after going through what was obviously a disappointing year. We make New Year resolutions and promise ourselves to do better this year. I personally gave up on the idea of making New Year resolutions a long time ago. We … Continue reading Do this every new year and change your life in an instant

Make Africa Great Already

Ever wondered what makes nations great? Is it the people or the leadership? My stay in my home country-Kenya has taught me a lot. I have been one of the few young people who have had the chance to witness their country go through tremendous changes both politically and economically. I have seen it come from … Continue reading Make Africa Great Already